Aquoral: lasting dry mouth relief is just a spray away

Dry Mouth Hurts

Do you feel like there is too little saliva in your mouth? Do you have difficulty swallowing? Does your mouth feel dry when eating? Do you have to sip liquids when swallowing dry foods? These are all symptoms related to dry mouth, or xerostomia. Dry mouth can be a serious condition and is caused by a variety of things, including medication use, certain medical conditions, or even the aging process.

Dry Mouth Relief!

Aquoral® can provide relief from the troublesome and often debilitating symptoms of dry mouth caused by diseases, medication use, chemo- or radiotherapy, stress, and aging.

Aquoral delivers fast relief by:

  • Moistening and lubricating your mouth
  • Limiting loss of essential water
  • Protecting against oral inflammation

Aquoral is an FDA approved protective oral spray proven to lessen the effects of dry mouth with an excellent safety profile.

Important Safety Information